Bruce MacLellan

Bruce MacLellan's career in public relations and public affairs extends more than 25-years and has included diverse challenges and assignments for governments and leading companies. These range from NATO meetings in Europe to environmental issues in North America as well as a bevy of corporate and product marketing assignments. A keen conservationist, he has volunteered with the Nature Conservancy, local heritage protection groups and other organizations that get him outdoors and among the trees. He likes the Toronto Maple Leafs, too. As founding President of Environics Communications, the firm has grown revenue steadily since inception and added related businesses, but also builds a strong social and environmental bottom-line, becoming carbon neutral in 2008.

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For a third year, the Proof Inc. CanTrust Index has provided a perspective on trust in our country from a distinctly Canadian perspective. Our made-in-Canada trust study digs deep into what makes our country unique, including larger samples of new Canadians and Québec residents, as well as evaluating trust for specific Canadian institutions such as […]

We’ve been talking about the imperative to change and evolve at our agency for almost a decade now.  The message to our team members is to be uncomfortable and push your self to try new things and add new skills. As we did this, we continued to grow at a healthy rate each year, add […]

Our firm’s examination of trust in Canada and around the world reveals a continued mix of gainers and losers. Some leaders are adroit at building trust while others could not be clumsier in shattering it. It’s an issue for every organization and across the global political structure. Trust levels in some countries have been connected […]

There are many components of a good compensation plan, with a competitive salary, health benefits, and skills training being a few of the cornerstones. As an entrepreneur, however, the ones that have always excited me are unconventional recognition components that create lifelong memories. While a bonus program and generous training and development are nice, one […]

We’re excited to launch the 2017 CanTrust Index with an expanded report on who and what Canadians trust in our country. Our survey of 1,500 Canadian adults was conducted in January of this year, allowing several months of reflection after the Brexit vote in Britain on June 23 and the election victory of President Donald […]