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Brands and organizations need to deliver unified messages across all audience touchpoints, and our teams of sector specialists bring a deep understanding and years of experience to each client project. It’s how we develop insights, strategies and programs that drive impact against our clients’ business objectives.


Communications & Digital

Focusing on business objectives that matter, we identify, analyze, and understand client challenges and audiences. We develop creative communications and digital solutions that show impact through evidence and measurement.

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Crisis Communications & Reputation Management

Trust takes years to build but can be destroyed in moments by a mishandled issue. This risk is compounded today by the COVID-19 pandemic, as leaders are forced to make snap decisions affecting mission critical functions while delivering clear communications to audiences. Proof brings decades of crisis preparedness planning and management experience to help organizations skillfully navigate issues to build and protect trust.

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Government Relations

Government decisions have the potential to impact your bottom line, and quickly. Without active representation at the federal, provincial and municipal levels, you will find yourself left behind.

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