Medical Predictive Science Corporation hires Environics Communications

September 27, 2011

Washington, September 27, 2011 – Medical Predictive Science Corporation (MPSC), a medical device company that develops predictive technology to detect imminent, catastrophic illness, has hired Environics Communications as its new public relations agency.

Environics is implementing a national awareness campaign for MPSC’s Heart Rate Observation System, also known as the HeRO monitor. HeRO is a pioneering monitoring system for premature infants. It detects early signs of distress, commonly caused by infection and other potentially life-threatening illnesses.

In a long-running randomized study of more than 3,000 preterm infants, use of the HeRO monitor effectively saved one infant’s life for every 48 who were monitored. The results of this study, which was co-sponsored by MPSC and the National Institutes of Health, were recently published online in The Journal of Pediatrics.

Environics’ efforts will include promoting this medical technology to the trade, consumer and business media. The agency will also help develop marketing communications materials, including website copy, for MPSC.

“Environics was hired because they demonstrated a clear understanding of the medicine, technology and medical communities we are targeting with this innovative monitoring system,” said Geoffrey Alms, Ph.D., executive vice president of MPSC.

“The HeRO monitor saves infants’ lives and improves the quality of care in the neonatal intensive care unit, and we’re pleased to be selected by MPSC to help promote this groundbreaking medical device,” said Dave Groobert, U.S. general manager for Environics Communications.

About MPSC

MPSC is an entrepreneurial medical device company that translates ICU research discoveries to the patient’s bedside. The company develops predictive technology that detects imminent, catastrophic illness. MPSC’s HeRO monitor is the first of a line of products to monitor in-hospital patients.