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Asking better questions when stakes are high There should be a close relationship between Management and Boards of Directors, and that is particularly true during a crisis. Many organizations do not include, or even mention, their Board in their crisis plans. However, some are learning – often the hard way – that guidance and oversight […]

Canada has a long and rich history of entrepreneurship. Canadians invented the telephone, Walkie Talkies, the pager and the 56k modem. Right now, our start-up ecosystem is buoyant and attracting global talent, investment and entrepreneurs.  In fact, StartupBlink, a Swiss-based website, ranked Canada third as the best places on the planet for starting a new […]

To be a great man requires more than a great shave. That’s the message from the world’s top razor company in their new campaign We Believe. Replacing the slogan “The Best a Man Can Get” with “The Best a Man Can Be,” the two-minute short film rejects “boys will be boys” behavior like sexual harassment […]

Welcome back to our 7th annual Counting Down the Political Hits (with some misses), where we review the major political stories of the last year and attach a song for your listening (and office dance party) pleasure. This year’s top five songs serve to remind us of the crazy year we’ve had when it comes […]

When I started working in public relations over 20 years ago, it didn’t take me long to develop an inferiority complex. No, I wasn’t bullied or belittled.  In fact, my colleagues at Proof were so kind and supportive and the work so rewarding that I will celebrate my 22nd year at the Canadian public relations […]

An Interview with Four Creators on Why Authenticity and Expertise Matter Most to Canadians In 2018, the majority of integrated marketing campaigns – whether B2B or B2C – include an influencer component. The 2018 Proof Inc. CanTrust Index showed that Canadians continue to put their trust in these thought leaders, but what does ‘influencer’ mean […]

I’m not sure exactly when the term “thought leadership” came about, but I do recall the CEO of a company we were pitching interrupting our well-rehearsed presentation to say “Just what the hell is thought leadership, anyway?” She was right to ask because the term is used and defined loosely.  At its best, thought leadership […]

Quebecers are on track to follow the lead of their neighbours to the west this fall. Voters in Canada’s second-largest province are heading to the polls Oct. 1 to determine the fate of their long-serving Liberal government and unpopular premier. Much like their Ontario counterparts, the Quebec Liberal Party has held power for the last […]

In Douglas Adams’ hilarious Hitchiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, there is the story of Deep Thought; a computer the size of a city and awesome in its capabilities.  The computer is tasked with providing the answer to the ultimate question – of life, the universe and everything: “There is an answer, but I’m going to […]

“What’s more important: reach or engagement?” “How important are micro influencers in my mix?” “What is the true value of an influencer?” Influencer marketing dominates many a conversation today, and for good reason. Influencers are people or groups who sway others by sharing their views and experiences publicly, whether through social media, blogs or earned […]