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To be a great man requires more than a great shave. That’s the message from the world’s top razor company in their new campaign We Believe. Replacing the slogan “The Best a Man Can Get” with “The Best a Man Can Be,” the two-minute short film rejects “boys will be boys” behavior like sexual harassment […]

Welcome back to our 7th annual Counting Down the Political Hits (with some misses), where we review the major political stories of the last year and attach a song for your listening (and office dance party) pleasure. This year’s top five songs serve to remind us of the crazy year we’ve had when it comes […]

When I started working in public relations over 20 years ago, it didn’t take me long to develop an inferiority complex. No, I wasn’t bullied or belittled.  In fact, my colleagues at Proof were so kind and supportive and the work so rewarding that I will celebrate my 22nd year at the Canadian public relations […]

An Interview with Four Creators on Why Authenticity and Expertise Matter Most to Canadians In 2018, the majority of integrated marketing campaigns – whether B2B or B2C – include an influencer component. The 2018 Proof Inc. CanTrust Index showed that Canadians continue to put their trust in these thought leaders, but what does ‘influencer’ mean […]

I’m not sure exactly when the term “thought leadership” came about, but I do recall the CEO of a company we were pitching interrupting our well-rehearsed presentation to say “Just what the hell is thought leadership, anyway?” She was right to ask because the term is used and defined loosely.  At its best, thought leadership […]

Quebecers are on track to follow the lead of their neighbours to the west this fall. Voters in Canada’s second-largest province are heading to the polls Oct. 1 to determine the fate of their long-serving Liberal government and unpopular premier. Much like their Ontario counterparts, the Quebec Liberal Party has held power for the last […]

In Douglas Adams’ hilarious Hitchiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, there is the story of Deep Thought; a computer the size of a city and awesome in its capabilities.  The computer is tasked with providing the answer to the ultimate question – of life, the universe and everything: “There is an answer, but I’m going to […]

“What’s more important: reach or engagement?” “How important are micro influencers in my mix?” “What is the true value of an influencer?” Influencer marketing dominates many a conversation today, and for good reason. Influencers are people or groups who sway others by sharing their views and experiences publicly, whether through social media, blogs or earned […]

We’ve seen from three years of our CanTrust Index data that Canadians are a trusting bunch. Each year, we use our study as an opportunity to look deeper into important issues affecting Canadians. This year, one of those areas we explored was trust based on gender. We asked Canadians how much they trust in male- […]

For a third year, the Proof Inc. CanTrust Index has provided a perspective on trust in our country from a distinctly Canadian perspective. Our made-in-Canada trust study digs deep into what makes our country unique, including larger samples of new Canadians and Québec residents, as well as evaluating trust for specific Canadian institutions such as […]