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When Facebook and Twitter recently banned a handful of Canadian-based extremists and white supremacist groups (among others), the platform giants likely weren’t only looking to deprive dangerous individuals and organizations from disseminating hatred to mass audiences. Rather, these decisions mark the latest in a series of attempts to confront a festering reputational problem that dogs […]

Canada is at an inflection point.  Leaders have a choice: stem the decline and become trust builders or set the house on fire and become trust destroyers. This rather blunt assessment is our conclusion based on the 2019 Proof CanTrust Index findings. With four years of tracking, our 2019 study found that the average trust […]

“37 Staggering Video Marketing Statistics for 2018.”  “9 Proven Viral Marketing Techniques Every Successful Marketer is Following.” Who reads this crap? I picture some poor soul, anxiously scrolling in the middle of the night, desperately seeking validation for a tactical video recommendation that he made earlier in the day to his boss. And she called […]

Asking better questions when stakes are high There should be a close relationship between Management and Boards of Directors, and that is particularly true during a crisis. Many organizations do not include, or even mention, their Board in their crisis plans. However, some are learning – often the hard way – that guidance and oversight […]

Canada has a long and rich history of entrepreneurship. Canadians invented the telephone, Walkie Talkies, the pager and the 56k modem. Right now, our start-up ecosystem is buoyant and attracting global talent, investment and entrepreneurs.  In fact, StartupBlink, a Swiss-based website, ranked Canada third as the best places on the planet for starting a new […]

To be a great man requires more than a great shave. That’s the message from the world’s top razor company in their new campaign We Believe. Replacing the slogan “The Best a Man Can Get” with “The Best a Man Can Be,” the two-minute short film rejects “boys will be boys” behavior like sexual harassment […]

Welcome back to our 7th annual Counting Down the Political Hits (with some misses), where we review the major political stories of the last year and attach a song for your listening (and office dance party) pleasure. This year’s top five songs serve to remind us of the crazy year we’ve had when it comes […]

When I started working in public relations over 20 years ago, it didn’t take me long to develop an inferiority complex. No, I wasn’t bullied or belittled.  In fact, my colleagues at Proof were so kind and supportive and the work so rewarding that I will celebrate my 22nd year at the Canadian public relations […]

An Interview with Four Creators on Why Authenticity and Expertise Matter Most to Canadians In 2018, the majority of integrated marketing campaigns – whether B2B or B2C – include an influencer component. The 2018 Proof Inc. CanTrust Index showed that Canadians continue to put their trust in these thought leaders, but what does ‘influencer’ mean […]

I’m not sure exactly when the term “thought leadership” came about, but I do recall the CEO of a company we were pitching interrupting our well-rehearsed presentation to say “Just what the hell is thought leadership, anyway?” She was right to ask because the term is used and defined loosely.  At its best, thought leadership […]