Recognition Measured In Memories

|, , , September 25, 2017

There are many components of a good compensation plan, with a competitive salary, health benefits, and skills training being a few of the cornerstones.

As an entrepreneur, however, the ones that have always excited me are unconventional recognition components that create lifelong memories.

While a bonus program and generous training and development are nice, one of the most celebrated programs for our team members is our global travel fund that sends colleagues on bucket-list trips. This year, we collectively passed the milestone of one million kilometers traveled – twenty-five times around the world! These are experiences that will never be forgotten.

After five years, team members qualify for their first trip and can go anywhere. After eight years, another, but this time the destination must be Canadian. At later milestones, the funds are increased for more ambitious trips and a bonus of extra vacation time is added.

The value and impact are exponential. Spouses, partners or friends are taken along. Memories are created, whether it be time at the beach or tours of European capitals. Each trip celebrates an individual and their family and provides a new experience. Cash to help pay down a mortgage or renovate a kitchen is useful, but a trip to a new destination shared with a loved one becomes a lifetime memory.

These trips reflect our corporate culture. I’ve often found that those who succeed in their careers have open minds, seek learning opportunities and are keen to meet different people. We follow the motto “be uncomfortable”, as we know pushing beyond the comfort zone is when we really grow. What could be better than the adventure and uncertainty of travel?

Since trips are awarded based on time with the company, we are defying the conventional wisdom that people seek change and movement in their careers nowadays. While it could appear like an appealing benefit for millennials, who value travel, personal adventure and challenge seeking, every generation appreciates creating great memories from these adventures. Our turnover is below industry average as a result, and our travel rewards become icing on the cake.

We also like to keep it fresh. As a proudly Canadian company, we celebrated Canada 150 this year with a draw for ten colleagues to win cash for trips within Canada. Even a winning program needs to be reviewed from time to time but one thing is certain – our rewards are always designed to be unforgettable.

Experiences are the way we create memories with those we care about. If I can be a part of that, and help build memories for my employees, they’re not the only ones that reap the rewards. The company and a business’s corporate culture does as well.


  1. Lorna Freeman

    This work perk makes my friends’ jaws drop regularly. I opted to keep it all Canadian, with a 5-year trip to a family resort in Muskoka, and an 8-year trip to Banff, Lake Louise, and Jasper. Environics Communications – and Bruce – have helped me truly enjoy Canada’s natural beauty, and show my son the splendor our country has to offer. I’ll always be grateful.

  2. Liz Carson

    San Francisco and the glorious California coast, beautiful rustic Tofino in all of its West Coast splendor and the trip of a lifetime to South Africa. Memories that will never fade courtesy of a company that nurtures the spirit of adventure, giving back and family. Thank you!

  3. Ryan Lockhart

    This program is awesome. I visited Turks and Caicos Islands and Chateau Montebello in Quebec. Thanks again Bruce!

  4. Julie Martinson

    As one of the winners of the Canada 150 draw, I am very excited and thankful to be travelling to Nova Scotia to see the Fall colours. This is definitely an experience I never really explored until I won and will definitely help me get to know this wonderful country better. So proud to work at a company that values adventure and recognizes employees in such a thoughtful way!

  5. Jennifer Glickman

    This is something I boast about endlessly, stating exactly what you mention. Environics has gifted me the opportunity to go to places and discover things I would never have otherwise.
    And I can tell you that jaws still drop when I tell people about my trips to Mexico, Vancouver & Italy – all courtesy of ECI.

  6. Steve Acken

    This employee recognition program at Environics has been a big part of my adult work life. I’ve flown to New Zealand, traveled the US, and rented cottages in our fine country as a result. In short – it’s allowed me to have new experiences and also spend time with family and friends. Priceless.

  7. Catharine Heddle

    Paris (5 yrs) and Salt Spring Island (8 yrs) for me. Plus a memorable trip to London for an international PR conference. Thank you, Bruce!

  8. Andrew Kinnear

    I love reading this article while in Barcelona on my five year trip with my wife.

    1. Julie

      Well played, sir.

  9. Vanessa Eaton

    Well said Bruce. My memories of the Italian country-side on my honeymoon are courtesy of Environics as well as time spent on some of our lovely Canadian lakes with my family. I am proud to work for a company that encourages life experiences and one that promotes joy.

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